Knitted suits

A fan of sports style in clothes always has a knitted suit in his wardrobe. This is a universal thing that can be worn both for training and for a walk. Knitted suits are presented in various combinations:.
elastic-band shorts + T-shirt; cuffed trousers + hoodie or longsleeve; straight trousers with a loose fit + bomber or Olympic jacket. Knitted suits with compression effect are characterized by increased density. They are designed to relieve stress from blood vessels when performing exercises.. The designers have made sure that the specialized training kits look attractive and stylish

Fleece suits are suitable for the street and at home. They warm up well, but do not cause a greenhouse effect. These are products with low weight and good transmission capacity. Fleece is moderately elastic, easy to wash and dry, has moderate thermal insulation properties. Fleece suits delight with a rich palette of colors, modern design, durability. Trousers, jackets, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts and other elements of sportswear for the cold season are sewn from fleece. Cotton suits without the addition of synthetic fibers are extremely pleasant to the body, but they quickly stretch and lose their attractiveness. The presence of elastane and polyesters in the fabric changes the properties of the fabric and increases its strength

Fleece Suits

Winter and summer suits

The main task of winter tracksuits is to provide comfort during training or performing physical exercises outdoors in winter. Choosing warm winter models is considered the most difficult. Here you should pay attention to a number of factors at once: the weight of the model, the type of cut and fit. Usually, high-quality winter equipment costs a lot of money, but it is made of more durable materials and is able to serve for many years. Choosing a suit for warm and sunny days is the easiest task. Suit options with T-shirts and trousers of a shortened type (or shorts) are suitable here. Today, summer suits are presented on the clothing market in a huge assortment, and therefore it will not be difficult to find a suitable option in design and color. Summer clothes should be as light as possible, should not restrict movement or interfere with air exchange